Poem By nikki hays

He was born into a world of pain
Poor baby struggling for life
He could hardly cry for lack of breath

His mother wiped her tears
Looking on as tubes were attatched
His little body so pale and heaving

What wretched god would do such
Put an innocent life through this formidable terror
Take my life instead, his mother cries

Oh pitiful little soul what have we done
To cause this suffering in you thats begun
How cursed our intolerable world can be

Rushed far away from his birth place
To where they said more care can be taken
This little childs heart screams out but no one hears

All knowledge is contained in this weakened child
All any of us could dream to know
But their god takes him from us

He is the one we should listen to
He in his tight contstricted chest
He is the one we should listen to
He, the child, is the one who knows best

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