He is the twins of mine
And the companion in time
when i'm bored and blind
he's there to help me out
of all that's puzzled my mine
He's in the eyes of mine
and even all the family's line
And now
when i really, really need him
he can't even stand
to help me out
from all the problems that comes
he's not there
and now
he let me all alone
to boogle out all the mess
I need him
I really miss him
and i feel that
my world turns dark
i've no directions
please come back
to let me out of all this things
show me the path
I've did all kinds of things
to let him back into my life
But now I realise
that it is impossible
as you're now the angel in the heaven
And now the only things
that I hope is you'll
always be happy
and I hope that you'll wait me there
And I promise that you'll always be in the heart of yours
That's my promise.....

by daniella diaz

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