The sunlight, with its golden rays,
Caresses his glowing face.
The moonlight, with its shimmering beam,
Makes his eyes flicker with a silver gleam.

He doesn’t know, he doesn’t see
That there’s a feeling that’s come over me.
I close my eyes, I see an angel in disguise.
He leaves me completely breathless.

Every time I see glittering lights
I see his incandescent eyes.
When I see the sky with perfect grace,
I’d watch the clouds forming his face.

There was something in his smile
That made me forget everything for a while.
That dreamy smile on his face
Melts my heart and takes my head up to outer space.

I must be stupid and crazy,
Out of my mind and topsy-turvy
But I just can’t help thinking,
Maybe I’m falling in love with him.

So here I sit, thinking to myself,
In my world, he’s so special like no one else.
He changed the way I feel and he made me real.
I wish he were my destiny.

by Maxinne Sentina

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