(1937 – 2010 / )

He And She

Of hills and woods this world consists,
Of skies that cover all;
It's just a broil of voices midst
A little boy and girl.

This world has waters and dry lands,
A question and retort:
To every single short word ‘yes!'
The short one ‘no!' is heard.

Amidst the grasses, green and wide,
Where harvest-time is blessed,
Oh, how this little boy is right
When saying his word ‘yes'!

Oh, how this little girl is right
When saying her ‘no!'-word,
And every word is right - and th' night
And th' dawn over this world.

Thus ‘yes' and ‘no' - they always fight
In a children prattle-toil,
Thus they fight in my restless heart,
Thus ever fight in all.

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