He And The She Of 'It' Prepares

They turn up the heat
To begin a more visible sweep
Of mass confusion
Created on streets urban...
Wherever they are where people meet
And greet.

To delude those to believe
They are followed by ghosts and goblins!
Enemies they've secreted from between
Griting teeth
To market war games.
Injecting a taste of blood
To boost it's affection
Smeared on innocent hearts!
And induce us to crave
The sweetness of conflict!

And the stage is prepared,
With an audience made
To embrace the message
They protect to die for!

As a plan for the final assault is made
For ALL consciousness to be dismissed!
Be it UN...DONE...or BROKEN!
They want to shatter thinking thoughts,
To have everyone viewing their production,
Of 'Captured Fools Who Kept Faith'

But The Divine is watching!
And will not allow them to lavish in grandeur!

There are those who know...
'IT' to be The Supreme Divine of Light.
He and The She of IT prepares
To make an entrance
Far beyond anything Loretta Young has done.

~And Loretta Young was born to make an entrance.~

This time...
The Supreme Divine of Light
Is going to make it right,
For you and me and even 'them'
And...with surprises!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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