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He Appeared To Me

He came to me as a vision
Or was it in my dream,
It was so real it seems.
He was like a vision that shines so bright,
I wonder if he will come tonight
I was not afraid, and didn't scream because in my mind,
It was just a dream
He stood so tall, and had no face
But somehow, he was out of place.
He seemed to be long, where he stand
And as I watch him, he held out both hands.
I began to cry, he wiped my tears, and said it's alright,
You have nothing to fear.
He spoke with a soft voice, and said to me,
Rest my child, and go to sleep,
Never again, did I fear, because I knew he would be there.
He said it will be alright, for you shall have only sweet dreams tonight.
From there on I didn't care
For I knew, my vision would be there

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