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He Ate Their Ma
(25 April 1854 – 3 November 1926 / Ontario)

He Ate Their Ma

A Lonely widow, generous and kind,

And still withal a poor and friendless creature,

Was much amazed and greatly pleased one day
To get a visit from the district preacher.

The worthy man could eat as well as pray,

But her poor cupboard with its scraps and pickins

Could ill make up a meal, so forth she went
And slew the mother of a brood of chickens.

And she forthwith a toothsome pie prepared :
The preacher ate it all, pronounced it splendid

While in the yard the orphan chickens all

Their sad and hungry cries in chorus blended.

In vain from out the stubborn turf they tried

With feeble toes the luscious worms to claw up ;

And as the preacher passed, an urchin cried,
' Chickens, dere's de man wat et yer maw up.'

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