He Believes He Is Being Praised

A fool will never understand,
Why his actions are understood.
He sees this as approval...
And continues to remain a fool.
Even moved to the exit...
He believes he is being praised.
In isolation,
He awaits to be knighted ruler
And king!
No one has the heart to tell him,
Bulldozers are at the base
Of the hill upon which he sits!
His eyes drift.
Befitting one of dignity who leads,
And commands action!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

I've contacted L.O.L and suggested a rewrite of her/his comments. It's difficult to take comments like these seriously when the writer, who reprimands 'me' on my writing ability, misspells words. I am sure there was a well thought out intention to provoke anger, however, I could do no more than laugh. Sooo, I'm hopeful Ms/Mr Liberty will resubmit those comments! I'd like to take them seriously as I'm sure they were meant to be that way! 'Someone who corrects me for content and can't spell? '
don't fake your poems be real & no one is praising you at all. if you wan't tips on how to write ask Fred gold or Ronald Stroman. don't be the next causalty of war.