AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

He Came, One Thousand Times This Way (Rated R)

he came one thousand times this way-
humming raw moans,
he'd beg and spank the muse
massaging the orgasmic spine-
pulling sinew from the bone

kneeling to worship her whore
upon her lips
he kissed and eased his devil into bliss-

he came one thousand times this way-
tweaking the melodious clit
until it tensed and spat,
he spread creativity
cross his palm to the masonic wound
he had inflicted upon himself
for her survival and sanctification,
to ease her death
from addiction into redemption-
then he spoke
a lovers psalm
in flicks of his tongue
round and neat
over the erected tear above her beat

the procreant of love
that suffers and seeps,
needs to be abused and set free
from the modest conditions of conformity

he came one thousand times this way-
thrusting the blunt of his pen in her sacred well,
soaking the feathers in her temple of prayer

she screams and sighs from an innersex,
lava and smoke in his throat,
he coughs and smiles-
tucks the poem beneath her pillow,
turns from his holy expense
to a world of godless dream

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a mountain of stunning metaphors, excellent
jeez, I think this one's beautiful, too. Music! Nice metaphor.