(23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907 / )

‘he Came Unto His Own, And His Own Received Him Not’

As Christ the Lord was passing by,
He came, one night, to a cottage door.
He came, a poor man, to the poor;
He had no bed whereon to lie.

He asked in vain for a crust of bread,
Standing there in the frozen blast.
The door was locked and bolted fast.
‘Only a beggar!’ the poor man said.

Christ the Lord went further on,
Until He came to a palace gate.
There a king was keeping his state,
In every window the candles shone.

The king beheld Him out in the cold.
He left his guests in the banquet-hall.
He bade his servants tend them all.
‘I wait on a Guest I know of old.’

‘’Tis only a beggar-man!’ they said.
‘Yes,’ he said; ‘it is Christ the Lord.’
He spoke to Him a kindly word,
He gave Him wine and he gave Him bread.

Now Christ is Lord of Heaven and Hell,
And all the words of Christ are true.
He touched the cottage, and it grew;
He touched the palace, and it fell.

The poor man is become a king.
Never was man so sad as he.
Sorrow and Sin on the throne make three,
He has no joy in mortal thing.

But the sun streams in at the cottage door
That stands where once the palace stood.
And the workman, toiling to earn his food,
Was never a king before.

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Great classic poem of all days! ! MEC was and IS a true Classic poetess through all ages, since she has two famous relatives in Samuel TC and Sara C. But she has a greatest gift to create poems like this. In her time, poets still ought to rhyme and how she had done that. Wonderful poem: Jesus came as the beggar in person. Excellent poem
Lyrical Composition accompanied by fragrance of rhymes, displaying magical words to create impulse of ripples in the heart of readers like me. Beautifully crafted creation. I do appreciate unbelievable creativity resided inside poetic personality like you.
The miracle brought about by the majesty and benevolence of the lord that converted a palace into cottage and doorman into king beautifully portrayed.Great classic poem of the day.
Now Christ is Lord of Heaven and, And all the words of Christ are true. He touched the cottage, and it grew; He touched the palace, and it fell. great write great 10++++++++
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