Kira My Love

Kira my love you are my sweet angel dove,
a true gift and blessing from God up above.
I treasure and cherish you for you are
the lady I've given my heart, mind, and soul to.
I'd give my whole life for just one night
to be in your arms kissing and talking.

Kira my love you are the sweetest woman alive,
with the most beautiful smile and eyes.
You just blow me away in every single thing,
I am eternally in awe with all the inspiration you bring.
I love you so much there are no words to fully explain.

Kira my love I want you to be my partner and bride,
you bring to me such endless joy and pride.
You are the only woman I love and you mean so very much,
I want to spend the eternities with you by my side.


by Michael P. McParland

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