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He Fills The Earth
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

He Fills The Earth

Poem By Bob Gotti

He created all the mountains and owns the cattle on all the hills.
Indeed all the earth, the sky, and heavens The Lord Almighty fills.
As earth's Sovereign Creator, He speaks and does whatever He wills.
And during each and every single moment His spoken Word He fulfills.

He created all that's on the earth, yes every single living creature,
Nothing at all was left to chance, as He designed every tiny feature.
He knows each and every creature, even your old science teacher,
Man He made totally accountable, so best give ear to your preacher.

He put man in a special position as the head of all God's creation,
But when asked to obey just one rule, he opted for rationalization.
Today the effect of that original sin is felt by every single nation.
Man's sin is the very reason that Christ was willed as our salvation.

Friend the wages of this sin is death and there's not one exception,
However, through God's love He has willed Jesus to be our exemption.
Jesus alone died in our place to pay the price for Satan's deception.
So as believers we have Hope as we wait eagerly for our redemption.

And for those who are not waiting for Him there is no place to hide,
For Christ's Blood bought the whole world on the cross when He died.
Heaven is His Throne and earth is His footstool for God has not lied,
Judgment is ahead for His enemies, as God's Justice won't be denied.

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