He Fondled Her Cheek

He requested her presence,
And she invited him there;
He with all his jubilations
Carried presents to her presence.

She was there waiting for him,
But contrived a rival's presence,
And huddling close to the other,
She waited his coming there.

Lo, he came, saw her there,
Huddled with another one;
It denied him what he longed -
His precious moments with her.

He felt like cheated from heaven,
Found self in sufferance's brim;
Called, presented what he carried,
And walked away in sad frown.

She loved him with all her soul,
Determined to give him her all;
But, firm ever not to stir him out
Of his secure and peaceful life.

His sudden parting saddened her,
She ran after him in steady stead;
Her sweet pursuit melted his heart,
He stopped, and turned to face her.

Unannounced, he fondled her cheek,
His right hand on her left cheek,
Both glowing in warmth of love,
Though unfamiliar to each for long.

He called her to send him her photo,
To treasure it in family home album;
She readily agreed to his eager call,
But, alas, never sent it that in her life.

She loved him with all soul's might,
But, more she determined not to hurt
Him, his settled life, throw it to wind,
Uproot his life's peace just for her sake.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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