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He Found Fire

He found a rock, he struck it hard
He found fire
He scratched his head, he found hair
Somehow he cared

He found he was the only man
He didn't quite understand
Oh but what a life he had
It must be nice in paradise

He found cooking a buffalo
Better eating than one caught in the grove
He found water and it tasted good
He named every creature he found in the woods

He found fruit that fell from the vine
Just let it set, it would make a good wine
Oh what a life, it must be nice
He had it all in paradise

He climed every single tree
Found the wind, he called it breeze
He climed a mountain and he looked down
Said it was all his as he looked around

He never did really understand
Why he was the only man
But it must have been nice, living the life
In paradise

Then one day he somehow found
Loneliness, it got him down
But he was the only man
So God stepped in with his hand

He woke up in the woods
A new creature was at his side
He had never seen this before
But she looked good in his eyes

He didn't know just what to do
His heart seemed as on fire
This new feeling he had found
He called it desire

It must be nice in paradise
He never did understand
He must have liked her an awful lot
He gave her all his land

She now rules with a heavy sword
Wears a bamboo ring that he put on
It must be nice in paradise
But all he had, she now owns

Oh it must have been nice in paradise
He still don't understand
He did find his one true love
But desire got the upper hand.

copyright © 2003 Bill Simmons

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