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He, Him, You
ANM (March 6,1993 / Cabin John, Maryland)

He, Him, You

Poem By Alandra Nicole Moreira

In class...

He bends his head to look this way
All the thought the once flooded my mind
Have gone astray

His eyes on me, burn feelings into the back of my head
Bringing up an emtion of happinedd
That once was dead

His eyes, so tender, I pull away
For once hoping, he'll lookinto mine
Does he see the want, the need, the hunger
Or just thing undefined

The words he won't say
Hurting me the most
His face is such a haunting
A beautiful loving ghost

Those words, those words, yes they are there
Uselessly, hopelessly unsaid, yet still hanging there
This place I stand scared
Why do neither of us just we care

The feelings I live to betray
Slowly killing what's left of me
Even as it's not clear to him
I have found what I meant to seek

I wish for just one day or just one night
Holding each other for savory sunlight
And as moonlight creeps down
A kiss, shared from lovers bound

This world is so cold, so mean
His arms are so warm, so safe
He holds me as if I am his sacred dream

Huis hand sliding down my skin
Still he calls me just a friend
And while this broken heart mends
He live only to break it again

A breath of air as he sleeps
A breath that keeps me awake
A heart that rapidly beats
A heart forever his to take

I haven't said it, but maybe I should
I love him, ______, yes I love him dearly
I love______, if love by the name

But what fool would be so sane
To love me again, and just the same

How much longer can I evade and ignore the truth
I guess I cannot, and therefore I say
I love you

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