He Hurt Us Two.

I saw him a long time ago,
walking around with nothing on his mind.
He was letting go,
of his life and leaving all behind.
Then he saw her one day,
smiling and twinkling like a star.
All he knows is that he was swept away,
he was always with her near or far.
He loved her and he asked for return,
and why not when he loves her so much.
But she was living to a lesson she learned,
never to fall or feel the love's touch.
She saw him and she wondered,
about the radiance all over his face.
He was singing love songs as he wandered,
looking for her in every possible place.
He smiled at her but she didn't smile back,
and he told him self she didn't see.
It's all about her chained and so sad,
she askes him why me? why me?
Can't you see your beautiful soul?
can't you see the smile of your face?
No, i don't see that at all,
i know inside i have no grace.
And if i had them he would have loved me,
he would have felt me and my love.
Because of him, my heart isn't free,
my soul is soar and my life is tough.
Don't you be sad, i hate him too,
for he hasn't hurt only me,
he also hurt you,
no, he hurt us two...

by Eman Awad

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