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He Is...

he is the tears behind her eyes,
he can break her heart with just one word,
& he is the sole reason she keeps breathing,
even though he takes her breathe away,
he is her spark of hope,
the chance she is scared to take,
& he doesnt know,
he is the hole in her heart,
the tear down her cheek,
he is the doubts that haunt her at night,
and the voice that reassures her
everything is alright,
he causes her worst heartache,
he is the loving running through her veins,
& he doesnt even know,
he is the oxygen she needs,
he is her only need,
he is the one she would die for,
& he has no clue,
he is the fire in her eyes,
the desire she keeps inside,
the reason she wakes up,
the dream she sleeps for,
he is the hole in her heart,
and she just keeps on falling,
he is the very reason she keeps living,
the only reason she wants to die,
& he has no idea, no idea,
that she loves him

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