He Is A Wandering Fringe Dweller

He is a wandering fringe dweller and his home far from here
And he doesn't need our company so leave him for to drink his beer
And he has been to places of which we only ever do dream
And do not take him at face value he is not what to us he seem.

Perhaps he is in his mid fifties he has known a far better day
But he has got a life experience for his every hair of gray
And I see knowledge and great wisdom in his rather soulful eyes of brown
The bloke sitting by the counter from a distant northern town.

I have heard stories about him and all of them I believe to be true
Of the many Countries he has been in and the many things he has had to do
Just to earn an honest living he works hard for his every pay
And those with the lust for wander live their lives in the hardest way.

The bloke sitting at the counter has decades of travel to recall
And all we ever seem to talk about are politics, ourselves and football
Our sort of conversation would not interest him a different sort of life style to us he has known
And we all are different in some way and like they say to each their own.

He is a wandering fringe dweller and than us he is far more wise
And one can see a wealth of experience in his rather soulful brown eyes
He has travelled far to get this far the highways and byways he has driven up and down
And he is so far from his old home from his far northern town.

by Francis Duggan

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