He Is As Hard As Nails Old Billy

He is hard as nails old Billy tough times he's had to survive
You ask him how is he faring he'll say good to be alive
Good to watch another sunset behind the far western hill
As the magpie he is fluting the one with the silver bill
Twenty years ago he lost his wife and teenage son and daughter when their home burnt to the ground
They were almost burnt to ashes only charred bones of them found
All he had loved from him was taken to him lost and forever gone
He recovered from his heartbreak like he says life does go on
Billy is in his mid sixties many years past his life's prime
He says the past has gone forever no holding back the hands of time
He says everything happens for a reason and life for him goes on somehow
We cannot live in the past or plan for the future we can only live in the now
He is one of life's survivors and at heart he is so kind
Yet one with a more tragic life story than his would be quite hard to find.

by Francis Duggan

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