He Is Fresh In From The Country

He is fresh in from the country where the wild fox yap and call
For to work in the big city where the buildings stand so tall
He feel out of place and homesick and find it hard to settle down,
A problem with most country people when they come to live in the big town.

His father is a farmer and he keep sheep and herd of cows
And a couple of cross bred horses and one hundred breeding sows
But he has no business on the farm as he is not in his father's will
And the farm and it's contents go to his elder brother Phil.

He love the land, the country life and the farming run in his blood
But here in the big city he must earn his livelihood
He miss all the farm animals and though miles and miles apart
He will never be a city man as the country lives in his heart.

On friday he buys a farming paper and up to date with farming keep
He read the market trends and prices of cattle, horses, pigs and sheep
And though the country man may leave the country and move to city far away
He never does forget the country, memories of country with him stay.

He dreams that he'll own a farm, he will purchase land one day
He will save his hard earned money and not squander or drink his pay
Some day there wil be a farm auctioned back in his beloved vale
And he will be highest bidder and the buyer at that sale.

by Francis Duggan

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