He Is From The Place Of Wombat And Gray Roos

He is from the place of wombats and gray roos
And the large dark brown parrots known as yellow tailed black cockatoos
Where the kookaburras laugh in the dark of the morning an hour before the dawn of day
Of the suburb he now lives in many kilometers away
A young man from the high country of tall mountain ash trees
That can be heard laughing in the freshening breeze
A tall handsome young man with short clipped hair of light brown
He feels out of place in the noisy big town
But he has found true love and in the city will stay
With the one he will marry in not distant day
In his coming to the big city suburb true love is his gain
And near the city he will remain
Where he commutes to work every day in the metropolitan train
And though he feels a little homesick with life he cannot complain.

by Francis Duggan

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