He Is From The Wooded Hills

He is from the wooded hills of wallaby and roo
And laughing kookaburra and yellow tailed black cockatoo
In his mid twenties with a young boy and a beautiful wife
It looks like in suburbia he will grow old in life
A tall dark haired handsome fellow in his physical prime
One can say of him that he is on the right side of time
A paid up member of the Collingwood Football Club
On Saturday evening he enjoys a few beers with his friends in the local pub
He lives near where the deep and dark Yarra slowly and silently crawls it's sea going way
Through the inner Melbourne Suburbs by night and by day
A four hour drive by car from where he grew from a boy to a man
And where the journey in life for him began
A likeable fellow with a charm of his own
Since he moved to live in Suburbia his friends in numbers have grown.

by Francis Duggan

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