He Is Going Back To Sandy Point

He is going back to Sandy Point the Village by the sea
The wide and flat brown Countryside is not for such as he
He needs to ride the huge surf waves that roll into the shore
And feel and smell the ocean spray and hear the breakers roar.

To the people of this Inland Town he is not one of their own
In his home Village in Sandy Point he is well liked and well known
He needs to hear the ocean and to smell the salt sea air
The coastal people love the coast and do not wish to live elsewhere.

He is going back to Sandy Point his true love she is there
The lovely one with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair
She would not live in an Inland Town for love or for gold
In Sandy Point she will be his wife and there they will grow old.

He is going back to Sandy Point here he could never stay
He miss the great love of his life in his Village far away
An outsider in this Inland Town is all he'd ever be
He will always be a coastal man and he will live by the sea.

by Francis Duggan

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