He Is Hardly An Honorable Fellow

Though society sees him as a good person since he leads a materially successful life
He is hardly an honorable fellow since he beats his children and his wife
His wife often seen in dark glasses to hide from view the swelling around her eyes
That there is a dark side to many a successful fellow should not come as any surprise
In the twenty first century to be short of money seen as shameful but for some men to beat their wives and children allowances far too often made
Sad to think that such unlawful actions from the memory seem quick for to fade
In the twenty first century kindness and compassion are not what they once used to be
In the eyes of many they are out of fashion and that does seem sad would you not agree
In the Human World where the accumulation of money is seen as an important thing
The praises of the wealthy and famous the gullible masses do sing
We are in the time when the kind and the caring the people who do their good deeds every day
Are not seen as community leaders though they help others for love not for pay
He is looked up to by the town's impressionable to them a role model of life
Though he is far from a good person since he beats his children and wife.

by Francis Duggan

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