He Is Here

Go not so far to seek him
Labor not so hard to venture's brim;
To hear the things you are lacking,
Look, he is here patiently waiting.

Not in the fleeting furious fire
Nor in the tornado that wraths higher,
Not in the tumult of the torrent sea
Nor in the greatest earthquake eyes may see.

Not in the mouth of soothing tongue
Nor in the words of presagers song
Not in the eloquence of vaunting prophets
Nor in the melody of organized instruments.

Neither in the fire nor in the water,
Neither in the greatest mighty tower
Nor in the apex of mountain crest
Nor in the core of earth's crust.

Passionate soul, listen to that voice
That speaks from the purity of silence
In the tabernacle of your soul,
In the little heaven of your soul.

Silence is a mystery for the living,
For the saints, the greatest offering
Which a soul can offer to God,
But it's unknown to the world.

Jan.23 - 2018

by Oduma Alex

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