He Is Here Again

Those several seasons like the dregs have we stayed
For the unknown benefactor whose demeanor untold
He emerged gone 2007 like the days documented away
His vision has he never derailed many almost astray
We knew appearance depicts the manner being philanthropic
Though never expected hoping they were all the same atrophic
He is here again come 2011 to utilize the brilliance a gift
Redundant to say, he’s here for the betterment our opt
Gone several years before he was sent like Jesus the savior
Everywhere agony, banes and topsy-turvy on the corridor
The expiring one is better but we can make it happen behold
He anticipate for the best come 2011, his integrity will he uphold
Needless to say, voice of the people heralds voice of God the greatest
Go there Asiwaju, make it happen for you are the elite among the finest

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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