SJ (1991 / arizona)

He Is In Me.

He smiled at me,
i didn't smile back,
sighing gently,
he asked me 'why'.

Curiously enough,
i.....didn't cry,
must not have heard him,
didn't see his smile,
must not have listened,
after all,
his words fell on deaf ears,
only deaf to his voice.

Looking at me while people crowded my path,
he tried to step closer,
all i did was step back.

He screamed over the crowd,
so they pushed me deeper,
into...wherever they were pushing me,
and i,
couldn't help but hear him,
he was too far to see,
so i spoke his name,
and he set me free.

No more crowds,
people lost their strength,
what was in me once,
fell....l i m p,
and i gained something new.

(Greater is he that is in me,
then he that is in the world.)

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Comments (3)

Your style of expression i liked.........fine! ....10++
i was scared too... i still kinda am. but faith kicks in. awesome write.
Perfectly, interesting, also involves a tonality …