He Is Into Self Promotion

He tells everyone who care to listen to him of my name you take note
Since you will hear of me again I'll be a famous poet
One day I'll be remembered in the Poetry Hall of Fame
And in the World of Literature mine will be a household name

At Poetry readings he recites his verses though never to an encore
Though I'm sure he'd much prefer it if his audience asked for more
He may have his Human frailties as we all do it would seem
But one weakness he does not have is a poor sense of self esteem.

His poems are of average quality he will never be a poetic great
With the major poets of literature he is not one you would rate
He suffers from self delusion which is quite a common thing
And if others do not sing his praises his own praises he will sing.

He is into self promotion though people like him are not rare
Trying to make himself a legend in the bigger World out there
And though little interest by others shown in his poetry he has convinced himself one day
That he will become a famous person and success will come his way.

He is into self promotion I'm a fine poet he'll tell you
And in a World where many of the humble seem to lose out his type are no longer few
His work is of average quality no great addition to the Wordsmith trade
And like they say great poets are born and great poets cannot be made.

by Francis Duggan

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