He Is Just My Used-To-Be (Part One)

slowly i let go
of the man i used to know
things seem so different between us now
slowly it makes sense
of whom he rather spend nights with
and i know for sure
i am not the one
slowly i realize
i need to move on with my life
even though it hurts

you see, how you make me sound so weak
telling me forever was just a lie
how could you let me down
when you told me
i would always and forever be around

slowly you broke my heart
our love is torn apart
how could you even take me this far
so in love with you
now what will you do
knowing that i wont be holding our love down
slowly you let go
of the woman who loved you so
why didnt you just leave a long time ago

now you see, what is happening
you realize you want me back in your life
and after listening to all of your friends
you now want to be a man and apologize

i cant have you back in my life
dont want the heartache in my life
you beg and plead that things will be alright
you say to me no one will ever again come
between us again
you hold my hand and say
you miss us
you cant go on without me
you say my love and trust is all you need
you want me to just understand and
take you back as my man
and start our love all over again

well i used to be your girl
you used to be my world
but i just cant be that girl anymore
i used to be your love
i thought you were the one
but i just cant be that girl
to love you anymore
used to be your girl
so wrapped in your world
i just cant be that girl anymore
you used to have my heart
but you tore it all apart
i just cant be that girl anymore

by the jen

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this is beautiful, long but full of feelings that i can relate to, increadible really eman awad