My Love Will Last Forever

Every time I lay my eyes to rest I find myself dreamin about you,
I love you so much I find myself thinkin about you day by day,
I don't ever want this feelin to stop,
If actions don't speak louder than words,
Then this poem is yelling from the top of it's lungs,
I will become the remedy to your sadness girl,
Just call me and I'll be there,
I'm the sun to your rainy days,
Listen to my heart and how it beats loudly for you,
And if you think you ever lonely...don't,
I'm right here to comfort you,
My love will be the best love there is,
Girl my love will last for ever...

by Geramie White

Comments (4)

.......a superb write, very intense with emotion ★
Wow! ! This is soaked in such intense feeling. Truly...artfully....beautiful: ^)
Sappho wrote such a beautiful poem. Part of this poem was used in the Episode Many Happy Returns from Xena: Warrior Princess.
Sappho is so amazing and this poem is so beautiful she really is a muse