Beautiful Stranger

I pass on the street
Much too shy to smile
My heart gasps to keep beat
This feeling, so futile

You know not my name
Really nothing about me
You shine brighter than fame
So perfectly on key

A simple word would do
To snag your attention
Much to dull though for you
My tongue sits in retention

As you pass by, my heart skips a beat
Hits a space
For within your hair done so neat
Lies a beautiful face

Precisely crafted and sculpted
By the hands of the Lord
Can’t help but feel what I am
Isn’t enough to afford

I couldn’t buy your attention
Not a look, not a smile
There’s no price on perfection
You achieved so facile

I freeze up when I see you
Limbs go numb
If I could keep my thoughts active
I wouldn’t look so dumb

I write scripts in my head
For a time when we’ll speak
In deep water I tread
Grow tired, become weak

These thoughts wear me out
Make me question my sanity
Make me feel humiliated
The mirror hates when it sees me

What I would give for the courage
To just introduce
Myself but discouraged
I compromise a truce

A truce with myself
Out of sight, out of mind
Try to ignore your presence
Multiplies…every time

The more I close my eyes
The more I see your face
Shut my lids closed, and open
But you’re right in that place

Standing right here, in front of me
Did you forget your lines?
We’ve rehearsed this scene over
Thousands of times

But something different, that smiles…
Never been there before
Miles we’ve walked and passed
Separated by that door

My door to introduction
I had always sheepishly passed by
But today that door opened
And you said…”Hi”.


by Matthew Weber

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Comments (4)

.......a superb write, very intense with emotion ★
Wow! ! This is soaked in such intense feeling. Truly...artfully....beautiful: ^)
Sappho wrote such a beautiful poem. Part of this poem was used in the Episode Many Happy Returns from Xena: Warrior Princess.
Sappho is so amazing and this poem is so beautiful she really is a muse