He Is Not A Sports Fan

He is not a sports fan or a pub frequenting type
And it is not tobacco he smokes in his pipe
But stuff that slows the reactions down to a snail's speed
That often goes by the nom de plume of wizzy weed
He does not seem to have worries for to worry about
Though the stuff known as wizzy weed he cannot live without
The relaxing dried leaves he smokes every day
Over relaxed and not quite with it he does seem that way
Without contact with his school going son and daughter and his estranged wife
They went elsewhere to live for to start a new life
But that does not bother him such is life he say
And it will not be to worrying his hair will turn gray
Many end up in jail for smoking wizzy weed
But to avoid the law thus far he does succeed.

by Francis Duggan

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