He Is Not All That Cuddly

He is not all that cuddly as he appears to be
As he sits eating leaves on high branch of manna gum tree
Tonight on the ground with a male of his own kind he'll fight for territory
They will claw snarl and bite till the loser must flee
From his corner of the wood for to recuperate
The koala who does not rule a territory also loses the right to mate
With female koalas that is Nature's way
Respect in their sexual favors to the ruling male the females do pay
In koalas as in most other creatures looks can deceive
He may look soft and cuddly but what you see don't believe
I've seen male koalas fighting little mercy to each other they show
I have seen their fur flying as their blood in trickles did flow
Down their soft gray fur they looked a bloody sight
They do not seem soft and gentle when you see them fight.

by Francis Duggan

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