He Is Over Me

Today i knew and i'm so sure,
he never missed me and he won't come back.
And my illness has no cure,
i went a long long way that i can't go back.
Just when all stars collide,
and when the sky falls on earth.
Just then i'll cross his mind,
and he'll say he loves me so,
but not in this life, not in this universe.
He will know other girls,
he will say more beautiful words.
He will dwell other worlds,
and my days will be longer,
and my heart will cry when it hurts.
I'll see him one day,
making some one happy, holding her hand.
He'll sweep her away,
and he'll love her and own her land.
But where am i from those great plans,
i'll be already so forgotten by then.
Maybe walking around with my heart in my hands,
feeling like it belongs no more within.
He is over me,
and i'm over me too.
I shouldn't have told him,
i'm so in love with you.......

by Eman Awad

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