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He Is That Big Man Of Wonthaggi

He is the big man of Wonthaggi one who has travelled far and wide
And he knows of life in the Outback out there in the brown Countryside
He has travelled all over Australia from Darwin down to Ballarat
Across the south western deserts he has been there and he has done that.

In Queensland he worked as a shearer in New South Wales a jackaroo
For to earn his honest living the hardest of work he did do
In Melbourne and Sydney he worked on building sites no substitute for experience they say
Though that work not as hard as shearing he still had to work hard for his pay.

The big fellow in his mid thirties he has a wife and a young son
He is home for to stay in Wonthaggi no place like home when all is said and done
His days of a traveller are over in Wonthaggi he'll grow old and gray
He has no wish to go beyond Australia there's enough to see in this big Land he say.

He is the big man of Wonthaggi brown haired and over two metres tall
One who has a generous spirit he believes in a fair go for all
He now works for a Wonthaggi builder and each fine evening after work he
Drives his wife and his son and his brown dog for a half an hour walk by the sea.

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