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He Is The Odd One Out

Well educated and very knowledgeable and one who is very well read
But to himself he is often heard talking 'tis said he's not right in the head
Yet he could not be talking to a nicer person he does seem so gentle and shy
And it truly can be said of him that he would not harm a fly.

In his early to his mid twenties he is in the prime of his life
One who has not yet fathered children he does not have a partner or wife
'Tis said he has a slight mental illness at least that's what the rumor mongers do say
Some do not allow for differences in others though we can't all be or act in the same way.

He does not play sports or socialize in the bar-room with those of his own age little in common he does share
And what team the local team is playing at the weekend he does not know or neither care
His interests to their's are quite different one who likes ballet best of all
He is not interested in politics or horse or greyhound racing, cricket or any code of Football.

'Tis said to himself he's often heard talking but lets face it when all is said and done
That he is entitled to converse with his own self and he could not be talking to a nicer one
The praises of the greats of ballet are the only praises he does sing
With other locals he shares little in common and he is one who does his own thing.

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