He Is The Reason

Poem By Jessica Dunlap

He is the reason my arms are slit.
He is the reason my heart is now a
cold dark pit.

When I look into his beauiful
greyish blue eyes, another
little part of me dies.

During class I will sit and stare.
But ask him out, I do not dare.

He has no idea what he has done to me,
But do not tell him I plea.

When he walks by,
I'll begin to cry as I see his girlfriend

So I walk alone wishing he could see
That to my heart he holds the key.

Comments about He Is The Reason

i liked it reminded me of soemone where i felt the same way
wow its powerfull its awesome
This is a really good poem. U have a lot of talent so keep writeing
Very good poem. reminds me of..well me... and sounds like something i might write, good job ~MaXxwell Murder
hey =] i like it... keep writing <3

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