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He Is The Young Man

He is the young man from the far country town
Where the creek from the high country babbles on down
In a brown tongue never silent by night or by day
On it's way to the river to the sea far away
It was for want of employment that brought him and their three years old daughter and his country wife
To the big City suburb for the better life
Where he works in a well paying job and is gainfully employed
Far from his small hometown in the brown countryside
Still he will not hear the shrike thrush in feathers of gray
Whistling at daybreak where he is living today
And with his hometown football club he may never more play
For his better standard of living this is his price to pay
The town that he came from in distance quite far
From where he lives now a four hours drive by car.

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Well done Francis. You have captured the thoughts of anyone who has moved from a small town to the city, really well. Thank you. I loved it