He Just Has To Call

Being surrounded by people
Day after day
Only one friend among them
There's nothing to say

If only I could just come out
I really just love to play
I'm hiding back into my shell
I think it's the only way

I guess I'm just lonely
I want them to see
They use me for my car
Without it I'm just me

I hide in the bathroom
I sit on the floor
If no one's around
I'll stand behind a door

When no one's around
I just need a hug
But there's no one to call
There's no one to bug

I crawl into a corner
And start to read a book
If I don't say a word
It's only me, they overlook

Why does it matter?
Why do I care?
I have better places to be
I don't have to be there

But my one friend still stays
So I have to return
He says 'where you been? '
I can feel his concern

He thinks that I'll leave him
Just like all the rest
We help eachother out
At least I try my best

I know I'll keep coming back
I don't doubt that at all
Because when I leave for week or two
He knows he just has to call


by Angelique' Rockwell

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