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He Knew About Poverty And Sadness And Tears

Confined in Northampton Asylum for years
He knew about poverty and sadness and tears
As a Nature poet of the English language with the best he does compare
The poet of all Seasons the amazing John Clare

Though deceased for one hundred and fifty one years his legend in his poetry has grown
The great Bard of Helpston in a class of his own
One can say he lived his poetry since poverty and mental illness he did endure
A poet for the ages and this is for sure

In the annals of English Nature poetry his is an enduring fame
Few poets of his caliber that one could name
His great poem I Am as the poetic anthem of mental illness remain
You read his poems once and you will read them again

His last remains in the churchyard of St Botolph's lay
In his lifetime poor and neglected but a poetic legend of today
His best poems are of the Helpston countryside
And his fame as a poet has traveled Worldwide.

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