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He Knows All About The Tough Times

He knows all about the tough times by life he's been knocked about
And though often down he refuses for to be counted out
For he is not a quitter he refuses to lay down
They make them tough on hungry street on the poor side of the town
A child of abusive parents and tough times he has seen
By circumstance of birth quite out of luck a homeless street kid at thirteen
Three years in reform school he has just turned twenty one
With a full time job in his rented flat so well for himself he has done
Most of the homeless of hungry street have been in or are serving time in jail
But he has surely proved himself as the one who refuse to fail
Cannot keep a good one down some say, to him those words apply
That he has done well for himself of him none can deny
The young man who refuse to fail one cannot help but admire
And the story of how he beat the odds is a story to inspire.

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