He Leaves His Mark

He leaves his mark where ever, he goes,
Just like a brand, the special touch,
Of a carpenters hand.

He leaves his mark as he saws and pounds
With a map in his mind,
And the love he has found.

His creations in wood are a marvel to see
And when each piece is done,
He marks them in his own special way,
And puts his talents on display.

"God" gives each a gift, to work and create
The carpenter builds from pictures,
He sees in his mind, and with,
The drawing board of his heart,
When his job is done,
He leaves his mark fresh and new.

No one can claim his fame,
He's known far and wide,
A working man who toils each day,
Steadily building and pounding away,
The house goes up, the fireplace is made,
From dawn till dark,
A special man leaves his special mark.

Dedicated to My Husband.

by Gladys M. Garske

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