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He Lives In A Home In Dollars Worth

He lives in a home in dollars worth more than five million the trappings of wealth he does like to show
And of his many material successes he wishes everyone for to know
Of since he has a very big ego far too big for his head one might say
But all of his employees will tell you that their work effort for him not matched by pay
With three primary school going children two sons and a daughter and a very attractive looking young wife
One can say of him he is quite lucky to have all of the good things in life
But in his mind he is not very happy though in assets he is worth a billion or more
He yearns to be materially the World's wealthiest person from the north to the southern shore
Money can buy you most things but cannot buy you happiness a saying that happens to be true
And that he is an unhappy person is only to give him his due
He is not kind and generous to his employees and in return none of them of him have nice things to say
Without them he would not have a five million dollar home to live in and be wealthy as he is today
Yet he is one who is not satisfied to be the wealthiest person in the country town
He yearns to be the World's wealthiest person and one of Worldwide renown.

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