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He Lives In Regret

His son and daughter in their early twenties close to their lives prime
And he and his wife in their early fifties showing the wear of time
As a younger man he daydreamed of adventure elsewhere
And of living and working in the big World out there

He fell in love with a local girl and home he did stay
But the love he felt for her then he does not feel today
Still working in the same job he worked in three decades ago
And time that rusts iron has become his foe

He and his wife are still living under the one roof
But living in the same house of love is never proof
Not on speaking terms each other they barely tolerate
And their wedding anniversary they no longer celebrate

His receding hair gray it was a chestnut brown
He has lived all of his life in the old country town
He feels for his years he has little to show
And a life out of his hometown of he will never know

He lives in regret of the what might have been
Like to live in places on t v he only has seen
The man out of love who in the hometown did stay
Who used to daydream of places far away.

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