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He Lives In The Wrong Side Of The Town

His chances of finding employment are against him for he lives in the wrong side of the town
And when he tells the job interviewer where he's living his would be employer looks him up and down
Saying sorry for this job you don't seem suited but if we need you we'll give you a call
But he has learnt for to live with rejection since his address is against him after all.

He is one who does not have a criminal record and to the police he's one who is not known
But his bad luck is to live in the wrong suburb though his suburb he never could disown
He never can hope for full time employment since by your address employers judge you by
And those who say that all people are equal the truth of the reality deny.

So many people known to be judgemental and their discriminatory views in private they express
They judge you by your standard of education and they even judge you by your home address,
They judge you by the type of job you work in and all of those on welfare they privately deride
To them those with quite bad criminal records are not much lesser than those unemployed.

In truth a fair go for all never existed for those who in the ghettos lives and die
From the upper middle class to the very wealthy these words have always been known to apply
You cannot tell the hungry and malnourished that all in life for everyone is fair
When for anyone born into disadvantage the chances of success are very rare.

In his search for work his address counts against him this job doesn't suit you the employer say
But he is one accustomed to rejection for where he lives a huge price he has to pay
Your circumstance of birth can be your shackle your shackle that you cannot from break free
And the majority of those born into disadvantage are doomed to live their lives in poverty.

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