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He Lives Up To His Nickname

Financially in trouble his life in a mess
But he is one who will not succumb to stress
Though doing it tough since the factory he worked in closed down
He is one who does not live without hope on the poor side of the town

With a wife and three young children to support clothe and feed
Of a job with good pay he is badly in need
But in a part of the town where many are unemployed
For to get a job start he would need luck on his side

It is not his fault he is unemployed for work he does try
Every week day for job starts he does apply
But it does seem for him his luck is not in
On his job hunting efforts for him never a win

A favorite saying of his in life tough times come and go
And he remains optimistic the likeable Smiling Joe
Better days are ahead he has been known to say
He remains optimistic in his own cheerful way

With the tough times in life he knows how to cope
And he is one who does not live without hope
He says that the tough times in life come and go
And he lives up to his nickname of Smiling Joe.

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