MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

He'Ll Set The World On Fire

Who hears the heart and soul of man
Who sees what each contains
Who knows what night and day we plan
What time for us remains

Who hears an autumn leaf’s descent
Each snowflake’s sad demise
The inner thoughts when men repent
The sound of children’s sighs

Repentance, births from deep within
Suckling truthful breast
Nurtured to turn away from sin
That Satan sends as guest

Where spiritual eyes, truth behold
Where wisdom may abide
Knowledge, developed many fold
Can feed the world outside

The living God had this in mind
When Light came forth to earth
When Jesus opened eyes once blind
To give us second birth

A second chance to change our ways
Make God our prime desire
To love each other all our days
And fill our hearts with fire

For God will purge His threshing floor
He’ll separate the wheat
He’s opened wide salvation’s door
To life’s eternal suite

To mansions yet no eye has seen
To treasures none can buy
All free to Jesus’ chosen queen
He calls to reign on high…

by Michael P. Johnson

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