He Looks Through A Different Window

He sits staring into the glass but not out through the window,
I imagine, it is so he does not have to look into the daylight
I wonder what it is that fixes him so.
Is there something there and why does it hide from me
What can it be that is so interesting
I look at our world and I believe so to does he
Though I wonder if it is I that should be pitied
Has he something I don’t
Something I wished belonged to me
Something I could use
I think not and you should think the same thought
If I were able and just for a few moments,
would I risk an encounter in his world
I am being ignorant and rude
I have much to learn
His eyes turn away, but I see a look of fascination on his face.
In my imagination he is aboard a ship out at sea
He has been to places that I shall never see
He will return home someday

by Lindsay Crosby

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