Try To Cope When There's No Hope

Try to cope when there's no hope
Learn to strife for a better life
Learn to love the one high above
Be a human and create union
Be a creature and understand nature
Live in ease and spread peace
It's never too late when you're taken by hate
Don't be negative the world's all positive
Just try it was never hard to fly
Just fight then you'll realize your real right
Never trust feelings of lust
Search the path away of your wrath
Never try to glide because of one's pride
Fight the greed when you feel in need
Give me an oath you'd kill your sloth
Be friendly and forget about envy
Create your destiny away of gluttony
Far away in the middle of chastity
Live a life devoted for charity
Never forget to wield patience
Never forget to act with kindness
In life work with diligence
Live with ultimate temperance
You can provide your existence
It's all up to you to chose your destiny
Live with pride or live with humility
Never ever forget about everyone special
Their existence to you is very crucial
They are the ones to help you through
They're the only things in life to be true
It's not up to me to decide your fate
Make the decision before it's late
Fate was never a choice you make
But choice is fate you choose to take
I am here to teach you freedom
I am here to spread my wisdom
I am here to show you the wrong
I am here writing my song
I am here because of you
I am here listen to me
Keep away of the deadly sins listed above
Ever suffered one? Believe in love
The remedy is listed through the lines
Maybe tomorrow your heart shines
Maybe you'll understand life better than me
Maybe you're the Chosen Son Of Destiny
Read carefully my word
And fly today you're a free bird
A bird gliding to spread peace
A bird gliding for us to live in ease.....

by Guess Who

Comments (4)

With humility and firmness of your faith in God, you strengthen the foundation of your resolve to seek His support- come what may. Thank you, Mark. Here, I quote a few lines: But when he looks he loves me; which is why.... I wonder...
More wonderful! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A successful poem in a tenuous genre. Justifies faith for faith's sake.
A prayer of the God for his magnanimity and love and care for human beings, the poet included. Thanks for sharing.