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He Loves The Girl..
TB (11-7-63 / Texas)

He Loves The Girl..

He loves the girl..
But for some reason she doesn't see,
The many sacrifices that he's made..
Just so he can hold her tenderly.

He loves the girl..
She holds his very heart.
But she doesn't seem to care,
That she always tears it apart.

He can't see past his love,
He turns a blind eye,
To how she's never there for him..
And never answers his hearts cry.

He deserves so much more,
Than what she has given.
She'll never return his love,
She no longer will listen.

He adores her in every way..
Her beauty he inhales.
He only lives for her,
On a lonely sea he sails.

What a lonesome life he leads,
With her, he's still alone.
He can't let go of his love..
No matter how bitter she's grown.

He loves the girl..
But for some reason he doesn't see,
How she's killing him slowly..
Leading him to grief and misery.

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