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NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)


Poem By Not Long Left

hey He-Man
can i join your clan,
lets fight the baddies together,
i will stay by your side forever
and ever,
in my little blue bedroom,
we shall fight off dinosoars
and mutant worms,
and Angent X and his killer germs.
you can drive the red shiny car,
i will push you really far,
you can have the big silver sword,
me and you will never get bored,
i will never leave you,
my brave best friend,
even if my big brother,
says its just play and pretend.
he doesnt understand,
he just watches you on T.V,
but i think that just silly,
for we can climb up mountains,
and we can brake and bend,
he will never have such a special
brave friend.

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note to readers: unfortunatly i was never privallaged enough to get Battle cat, i only ever got to marvel at his great green body, through a shop window, as such, He-Man learnt to drive a car pretty quickly. there are no boudaries or rules when it comes to playing with toys! ! ! Cheers Vince
He- Man did not have a car he had Battle cat! ! ! But a decent poem any way! ! ! I give you an 8 due to the Battle cat issue! ! !